giving into temptation

an exhausted skelleton 

merely clanking, rotting bones

huming hushed whispered memories

walking along this dark enclosed tunnel

lost and forgotten 

the purposes 

the motivation of continuing



befor the innocent eyes

sweet sugar in water 

and the breath suddenly stopps

the last gasp cold and somber 

filled lungs of pain and sufferage

released into the black, softly moonlit air

and wen the soil on the earth beneith our feet is so kind and calling

a siren  to the drifting shipof our minds 

lying down is so inviting 

and when the bones touch it

when the breathless, exhauted skelletons ship steers toward the sirin

it is crushed against the sharp, frigid rocks

and the splintering ship slowly tears apart the lone sailor

only now it is realised that it is too late to go back

and the bones fade away

and the soil takes the bones 

and the bones fade away

singing of sweet agony on the midnight breeze


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