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When I was in hard You made me in comfort   When I thought myself low You taught me to glow  
Autumn, the present season Changes of cadences and colors It's a very charming time
When the anxiety overflows When the tears start to fall When the words start to fail I see your face across the room The anxiey recedes The tears start to dry The words return
  I said 'No' that evening. I told you not to do that. Not to touch my breasts. But you didn't listen that night, did you? You asked me to 'calm down'. You told me everyone did it anyway,
Come One  Come All For I am not one to fall For I am a clown So dare not frown  So when I am around 
we are given glasses at the beginning of childhood. we are given infinite supply of: laughter. gifts. smiles. once the glasses break we are exposed to reality. infinite supply of: hatred.
I became grown-up Much quicker than many I was only 13  When they found a tumor in my belly   Technically it was in my ovary 
Simple smiles restore joy in perhaps even the barest of hearts.
  Sadness reigned over her 3 years of pure sadness Nothing, she was nothing   With one moment with one word She is taken back
I am not usually talking. I prefer to listen and breathe.  But when you spoke to me, it was, in the least, shocking.   I am not usually smiling. I don't really like interacting.
Every Day I Wake, Their Smiles Keep My Heart From Ache, Even Though My Life Quakes.
Coming home from a bad day Trying to shake it off in the car Pulling into the driveway getting out, headed for the door.   Suddenly, I hear The best sound of my day My nieces' laughter!
Stress. It’s everywhere, a vulture waiting until I drop. Waiting, waiting until the last brick is on my shoulders and I crumble into nothingness.
Smile. Smile More. In the world we live in its easy to be put down But my motivation comes from a well known man Roman Atwood. He lives by the phrase he created Smile More.
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
I miss the cloudy days When the sky was nice and grey, A sad smile upon my face. What happened to the rain?   The sky has been to bright, With the warm sunshine Glowing upon the smiling faces
As the sun rolls in Carrying a morning grin That is genuine
Liar is what I've become, To spare the feelings of everyone. I won't say a word, And you won't notice. I'll keep quiet and smile, And all my lies are worthwhile. I'm sick of turning to you for help,
On the shop A female toy Smiles With me I love The toy Smiles Again So I'm Purchase The toy Just for Smiles Now The toy Smiles My home
My life is in shambles. Now I know how the cookie crumbles. Never have I ever been in so much trouble. But now so burst is my bubble.   My worst fear led to my jubilation,
There are a few things you should know, About me and my life, And what I've learned to not show. You don't know what I feel, I keep it well hidden, But maybe I shouldn't,
I was riddled with anxiety on the fist day, Unsure of who to speak to, or what to say. I was afraid of the world, and the people around, Unsure of my place, I was lost, afraid to be found.
The blood rushed through him As she spoke of what had happened to her He loved her so Composing a plan of what to do  
Behind every smile, You know that there is some sadness. The sadness that we mask With forced laughter, With excuses for the tearing eyes. It is simply much more simple to smile,
life and all its colorful catastrophes i walk head down searching for a penny for my entity i walk head up searching salvation for my soul   a sudden crash loud and clashing people running  
they say a picture is worth a thousand words if that is true, then your smile is worth an infinite amount more than the stars that gleam in the night, like a beacon for the moon your smile is my light.    
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
Smile, smile, a world of smiles. When you haven't seen your own in a while, look around and you will see, smile, smile, a world of smiles.  
Smiles are flighty creatures they come and go in an instant like your train of thought when you lose it or that shooting star you wish would stay forever
Warm Fire, Dark atmosphere, Cold Wind Bright Flames. Amber Logs, Cold Wind Flickering Blaze, Inviting Company, Cold Wind Warm Smiles. Dark Faces, Cold Wind
Who can resist the charm of little girls? With their sweet smiles, their frivolous curls. Faces so young and innocent. Sweet dispositions almost heaven-sent.   Little girls,
I, we all wear masks A layer of fakeness to supress the emotion of our true selves We wear these smiles everyday, hoping no one sees through us
When I'm low I dream of gettin high,
It means waking up late, no pace to the day and watching the sun race on, its cold floors, warm breakfasts, snowflakes, and skates. It means following the train tracks, ending up in the same place,
Happy birthday to me it's Past 6:30 (am) on June 6, 2014 I turned 16!
What if smiles were traded like currency? Service with a smile is a requisite Not a nicety Government bailouts Would nevermore distribute unevenly Vibes are consistent Zeal is flourishing
A dash of joy, A pinch of smile, Remove all bad memories, Throwing away things all vile...   Stir in the fun, Chop up and mix in every great time, Pour into soul and body,
Thy feverish smiles
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
Stuck inside a room of lies, I am pinned with angry flies, The stench of equivocators in full bloom,
If I could do anything,  I swear i'd have the world changing.  i'd make everyone's lives better,  create world peace and end hunger.  Cure cancer, end abuse- keep someone from hanging a noose. 
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
don't you wake up some days & wander.. just wander and wonder.. "Where am I going?" "What am I going to do?" & its amazing, too..
Some say the world will end in f
We inherited our fathers hatred letting his words tattoo into our brains and flow onto our tongues every time we were bombarded with something new these words fell from our lips
It is work all day and endure sleepless nights. Uncertainty and worry consume his mind.   His hope begins to dwindle as its strength becomes weak and then one day life is no longer bleak.
Is it innapropriate to say  I love you,  too much PDA?  Is it innapropriate to hug, even after a bad day? I thought kindness was key and killing a sin but in this backwards place
Smiles are simple acts, Subtle gestures of kindness, Spread the happiness.
Smiles are a responseA signAn expressionAn emotion An emotion that lastsThat shows a changed dayThat changes someone else’s dayThat brings joy
I love you, so much stuffed in three little words; how much you mean to me can’t be expressed, in such an overused phrase. You’re my lover and my healer;  my listener and my sense of reason.
Excitedly waking up in the morning of dancing, white, snowflakes,Young faces bright and aglow at the sight of silver and gold bows,The rays of golden sun in a brilliant sunrise.
As the ocean draws in from a hard days work I stop and think of the ongoing state of things. The sun's rays strech out from the horizon giving the sky a firework of explosion. What has my life become? Where is it leading me?
Our eyes can see many things. The world filled with many human beings. I can run hundreds of miles Just to see you smile.
Good times and bad times, all sand in a fist People you love soon be gone like a mist Your wings will be broken, then mended to fly Count every smile, not tear that you cry
In this day and age, we all must help each other; it starts now. So Smile.
A smile can mean anything With much to smile for A joke, relief, a hug, perhaps Joy living ever more
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