Listen, Laugh, and Love

I was riddled with anxiety on the fist day,

Unsure of who to speak to, or what to say.

I was afraid of the world, and the people around,

Unsure of my place, I was lost, afraid to be found.

But that quickly changed when I met all of you,

Friendships blossom as our connections grew.

The small girl who was so afraid,

She stepped out of her shell into the light of day.


Her smiles and laughter as real as they get,

Here she met people she would never forget.

You all know who you are,

You guys heard a part of my story,

You took it with no judgement and I had no reason to say sorry.

Everyday everyone made me smile,

Unaware that my troubles have been around for a while.

You guys don't know the impact you have made,

And for that I thank each and everyone of you today.


Thank you for listening to me,

Thank you for hearing my story,

And thank you for accepting me.

Thank you guys for giving me the memories of a lifetime,

And for making me feel like I belonged.

Thank you all for being respectful of all others,

And sharing this time with one another.

The lions, the peacocks, the koalas, and the owls,

All coexisting in this world that is wild.

Thank you all once again for reminding me of hope,

And giving me something hang onto when I thought I had lost it all.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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