The Smile


It is work all day

and endure sleepless nights.

Uncertainty and worry

consume his mind.


His hope begins to dwindle

as its strength becomes weak

and then one day

life is no longer bleak.


Strange foreigners have arrived

from across the border.

Maybe they will restore

his life back to order?


At first all are shy

and most seldom speak

until, one by one,

their smiles leak.


It is hard to understand

but communication is there

and that is all that matters

because it's full of care.


These foreigners bring things--

things he has never seen.

Things like crackers and cookies

and chocolate ice cream.


His stomach is filled

for the first time in a while

but what has meant most

was the foreigner's smiles.


He brings his friends

to the church the next day

all are quickly fed

and they sing and they play.


He was now given attention

thru some games and some snacks

but what really meant most

was those pats on the back.


The universal communicator,

the expression of love

given through these people

but coming from above.









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