The Broken charm.


As I stand before your grave, tears roll down my face
I recall those nostalgic memories, that seem so hard to trace
The day you joined my neighborhood, and called me by my name
I knew we were so different, yet our feelings were the same

And there we were standing in the park one day
When your meek little face said, Do you wanna play?' 
So we sat on the swings holding hand in hand
To begin our friendship with a charmed band

Then we had those tea parties with our toys and dolls
How we'd make them feed, talk or crawl
And we'd dance around like Disney princesses 
Applying makeup and wearing those Cinderella dresses

Our friendship grew stronger with every moment we spent
Indeed, the day we met was a blessed event
We started sharing secrets, we became best friends
And promised each other, we'll stay till the journey ends

With time we grew older, but walked side by side
Just as if I was your groom and you were my bride
And we used to lie on the grass at the time of night
Gazing at the stars above, shining bright

We started socializing and chit-chatting all the time
We became so similar, our words started to rhyme
All night we used to party and go to the movies
To make it last forever, we wore the same rubies

Sadly, the day came and God knows why it happened
Not even in my wildest dreams would I ever had imagined
Our photo frame fell and the crack parted us two
The fight grew so big there was no more me and you

I had no shoulder to cry on since you left me in those dangers
The friendship we were so fond of made us complete strangers
And in this big world, I was left all alone
We had chosen a different path, being on our own

I regret now why I left you alone on your death bed
When you begged for my help I ignored you till you were dead
For that one word sorry, I now pay the price
But unfortunately life has already turned the dice

Rest in peace, my dear friend, hope you forgive me now
I'l cherish these memories forever, this thing I vow
This pain is killing me now but before I die
I wish I could see you once and say a final good-bye.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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