en route.

don't you wake up some days & wander..

just wander and wonder..

"Where am I going?"

"What am I going to do?"

& its amazing, too..

that we try to figure out the ending without being sure of a beginning..

without looking at where we're going..

this isn't a poem that rhymes

or that tells time..

Oh, contrare.

it doesn't make you cry, smile or sleep

it's one that speaks to your inner deep..

& when you're through thinking of what you will become..

I hope you think of where you are

& admire the stars that surround you

or the fire that enswarms you

or the dirt that lies beneath you..

because where you are is the start

en route?

to where?

that's what I thought..

enjoy this ride..

wave at the cannabalistic humans at your side

blow kisses at the thieves outside your window, please!

smile at the neighbors who disrespect you

& while you're at it.

you should try living, too.

the kind of living that makes you..

smile for hours.

laugh until dawn.

and kiss on your earth strong.

I am en route.

where are you? 


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