Little Girls

Who can resist

the charm of little girls?

With their sweet smiles,

their frivolous curls.

Faces so young

and innocent.

Sweet dispositions

almost heaven-sent.


Little girls,

please stay small.

Believe in fairies,

play with a doll.

Nothing should matter,

except having fun.

You should sleep easy,

when the day is done.


In your mind,

there's nothing you can't do.

Everyday you can learn

something new.

Little girls,

never ever change,

At the moment,

everything's in your range.


Nothing is impossible

for any of you,

In your world,

skies are perpetually blue.

Litle girls, stay sugar sweet.

You may trip and fall,

but get back on your feet.


Never grow up,

little girls.

The world needs

more spins and twirls.

Giggles are needed

for their smiles, in truth.

So little girls remember,

hold on to your youth.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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