Smiles Stop Stress


It’s everywhere, a vulture waiting until I drop.

Waiting, waiting until the last brick is on my shoulders

and I crumble into nothingness.

Like I’m walking through a maze,

trying to get to my destination

but the stress is a thick fog

blocking my way.


I try to keep going,

but some days it’s too hard,

going up a hill that never ends.

I have a lot to take care of,

a lot that’s weighing me down,

Between school, work, and all the drama in life.

Sometimes the day is just really long and hard.


When days like these happen,

when kids walk too slow in the hall,

I get a bad grade on a test,

I forget to do something important

not to mention the dog threw up,

sometimes I just want to hit pause.


I just have to stop,

freeze everything,

forget all the things spinning in my mind.

I try to eat some chocolate,

slowly savoring the sweet sensation.

For a while, it works.

But the clouds always return eventually.


I try watching a movie during really stressful times,

like finals week.

Soaring with Aladdin on a magic carpet,

finding Nemo,

And whacking Flynn Rider with a frying pan

make me grin and remember happy childhood moments.


But some days are so crazy,

those things don’t help.

We all have those days.

When that happens, it’s time to use

the one trick that never fails.




Smile at someone:

A stranger,

a friend,

a family member,

Maybe someone else having one of those days.

Smile no matter what’s happened.

Let a ray of sun come down from the clouds.


Because when you smile,

the person will probably smile back.

And the feeling I get knowing I made someone smile,

lifts all the weight away.

Because I know there will be a better day.

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