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Close your eyes and breathe.  When the rain is too loud, When the darkness in your closet Overshadows your father's words  "There is no monster under your bed."   Close your eyes and breathe.
I don’t think I ever told anyone; Muses are best left hidden. But I keep it still, close to my chest, Like armor.   The way you would smile
I want to ride this wave All the way to shore – Back to the ocean of our youth, Back to the wild crests And the tempests we navigated
The ocean is deceiving  Shorline thin and simple. As you swim deeper The greater it grows.   Grasping and releasing,  It shows off its power The infinite waves crash,  forward and back
The first time I mistook love for infatuation was at 15 it was the middle of sophomore year and his name was Carlos   He said I love you
We both stepped onto the platform, allowing nooses to be tied around our necks. Our eyes were wide and filled with naivety and hope. We were reckless. We were addicted to feeling that rush of invincibility through our veins.
It's love, he claimed As he pushed me on my bed Without my consent “ It's what lovers always do” He explained as a cried the hopeless word “no”
Because I love you.Because I want to love you.Because I want to love the idea of you.Once upon a life,I tried to love the manthat every girl should supposedly love.And on his thousandth chance,
I know you said I just wasn't your type But I just keep thinking as I try to wipe The tears from my eye That I just can't say goodbye You probably don't care
Okay,   The big kid monkey bars. Today was the day. You pull yourself up until you're eye level with a row of metal bars and   You jump, one    bar, left  hand,  next   bar, 
My, oh my, Mama Bear is panicking   The look on her face of her eaten porridge is the regret of our traveling   My, oh my, Papa Bear is angry  
with eager eyes and a hopeful heart i look up to you, seeing only but the man of my dreams. the sun would come from behind your head, giving you a halo that could have only been worn by you, my love.
Why do I do this this to myself I get caught up in the moment and end up hurt They all see me as one of the guys  Never a girl They claim to like me but value our friendship to much So I end up getting led on
I looked at you with an open mind and an open heart, hoping we could have a brand new start   You know I liked you and that hasn't changed, but I know you don't like me and that's okay  
the breath taking sun sent rays of warming, gentle kisses against his bronze skin. dewy, light-green grass grew to his knees. bursts of colorful flowers decorated the field beautifully.
Alalahanin ang noon. Nung una kaming naging best friend sa ilalim ng ulan.Kung saan una kong naramdaman. Pagibig na ayokong pakawalan.Ngunit sa isang idlap, naturang nakaraan.Nakaraang nawala sa kawalan.
The juice running between my thighs 
I recall looking in her eyes deep green wells avoiding mines I sipped from my cold tasteless cup; she's started wearing makeup and hiding freckles, maybe I should too, to cover all my lies;
To my first love... Who is techinally my second love... I hate everything about you, but love everything you are You broke my heart like no one else has You have the power too make me feel vulnerable with one glance
Do you ever have those nights Where you just feel empty. Like, a part of you is missing; One in which no one can see. This missing part is not physical But is rather something you feel.
I'm okay. A late night party, a sloppy kiss, and it started. I'm okay. My skin tingled, your touch igniting every nerve in my body, like sparks dancing off sparklers. Little did i know it was more like dynamite and an ignited string. I'm okay.
To love is the hardest thing i will do To love you makes one a real fool I know that you got someone else in your heart
Trying to spill my emotions on paper like tears spill on my soul; Tears stain all my papers. My heart is paper thin. Why did I let you in? My conscious is sleeping, so please do not wake her.
While my own memory stick, Well my own feelings, they fade An empty soul wanting bliss unless you want me to stay   As I sit here heartless
I don't miss you, but you still haunt my dreams at night When I close my eyes I see your sweet smile and the tiniest dimple on your left cheek I can't live like this anymore
Dear First Lover,   It has been over a year since I was yours. Yours to claim and to hold. Yours to kiss and to hug. Yours to compliment and smile that crooked brace face smile. Yours and only yours.  
We might not know where we belong But we must figure it out We just have to stay strong And not just sit and pout
We lost connection... bad wifi. Insecurities question your wings like, "why fly?" That stems from deep ties And mad lies; Broken trust, bad decisions from both sides.
What’s the point? everywhere I turn there’s pain, a storm, a natural disaster without my reason, standing on my own seems impossible… I’m shattered like a gem without my purpose...  
Let's tie our hands together with red ribbons  I'm sick of being grounded We could fly too close to the sun, carve our names onto the surface of the moon I'm tired of the weight of mortality, lets take it
The first time you fell in love was when you were sixteen, he made your heart race but sometimes he held your hand just a little bit too tight. He played footlball and you watched and after
Do you think of me when you can't sleep at night?
I carry you with me, wherever I go. You're always in my heart. No matter what, we will always be with each other., I know that I keep pushing you away but in fact, I'm begging you to stay.
You had one chance to love her and make her yours but you screwed it up, you screwed everything up because that was the only thing you knew how to do.
Lost; Are you there? Where did you go? What made you leave? Is it me again? Are you scared of ending up alone? Can you imagine yourself loving someone who isn't me? Are you sure that I don't live in your heart anymore? Do you want me to go?
I believe we are born with the desire of being loved by the right person.
I walked out of the door and pretended I couldn't hear my heart telling me to stay. That was the last time we saw each other.
Your love's a fucking disease and now that it has left my body, I'm able to breathe again.
And when they ask you about me and you find yourself having flashbacks on every memory we made together.
CHAPTER ONE. 1) There will always be a part of me that is yours. 2) Then let me fix you. 3) I'm here now love. 4) You told me you loved someone else.
You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up in the morning. I can't stop loving you, how can someone be this beautiful. I want to be with you until the day I die, I could never be mad at you.
When I first laid my eyes on you, your name was Please Be Mine Forever. We got drunk one night after midnight while we confessed our sins to make the pain less ghostly.
You say that you are better off alone but does your heart beat like it used to (I lost myself to find you). You still spend evey night overthinking all the things you haven't done but nothing is ever going to change.
Nobody saw you coming home, nobody saw you leave. It does not make a difference, because you were never really there. We weren't even in love, you just needed someone to hold on.
2016 started off great Plenty of money and plenty of cash If only I could see my future And how it would not last Falling for someone I thought was genuine Learning his tricks and then going back to him
Oh my lady Passion now is very different You’re Condemnation of my heart trembling While hurt sadness tampering Between the lips of dreams And you are back and your heart Your heart is traveled
Not a cloud in the sky Thunderstorms in my mind I was thinking how they say love is blind 'Cause she was a dime. Wanted her to be mine.   But I'm just to average So she took advantage
you made my words stumble from lips untamed like the wind in my hair when we drove all night
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