on the streets of nassau

I don't miss you, but you still haunt my dreams at night

When I close my eyes

I see your sweet smile and the tiniest dimple on your left cheek

I can't live like this anymore

I fall asleep and instantly I'm in anther world

Where we're still cramped inside your little shoebox of an apartment

Laying on your bed lofted on shipping crates

How the hell did you get your hands on those?

Skin against skin

Legs intertwined

My head against your chest and your arms wrapped tightly around me

You would fall asleep but I would stay up 

Because how could I fall asleep with the sound of your heartbeat ringing in my ears 

So I would just watch you, comforted by the warmth of your body against mine

But every so often you leg would kick to your face would wrinkle up 

Until I traced little circles on your shoulder with my fingertips 

Or stroked your hair 

So you were reminded that you were not alone

That you are not alone

That you will never be alone

And you just fell back into the deepest of sleep while I stayed there watching you 

Watching over you

Just making sure that my presence was known

Sometimes I fancy that when you're fast asleep and dreaming you're dreaming of me

That when your legs kick, it is because somewhere in that beautiful head of yours,

You're playing a scene in which you're running back to me 

That when your face wrinkles up the one who warms your bed at night

Catches a glimpse of the tiniest dimple on your left cheek

That when she kisses you, you're thinking of me


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