Turning Tables

The juice running between my thighs 

Craving of your touch The feel for that exact moment gets me so in rage Quivering of the legsIt was like a cherry on top of the ice cream coneWhen it's done, I finally catch my breath Inhale,while you lick your lipsI smile knowing my juice is what you tasteExhale,is this just for a season?3 months or 3 years.What's the reason ?The mockery of knowing this could just be in the moment But I don't care because you taught me something.You taught me value in things.Open my eyes to the sky.Pull me up inside.See I'm not the same girl that I was before I laid down with you that night Yeah my hips are a little thicker and my eyes water a little more than usual. I have left my mark on your backI'm the cheetah who roars for you loveSeeking that attention that you once sought after from meNow the table have turnedNow I'm the one sitting here wondering how to get you and keep youIt's like a high speed chase of love running down the streetConstantly craving that shower scene I long for the touch and hope that you may once see,That I am still the same ole girl you truly desired  to meet.  

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