The Gallows

We both stepped onto the platform, allowing nooses to be tied around our necks. Our eyes were wide and filled with naivety and hope. We were reckless. We were addicted to feeling that rush of invincibility through our veins. Our love burned with passion, engulfed in the flames we manifested. He and I acted like young children, making mischievous faces in the eyes of Fate. We were overflown with confidence that we were forever. That nothing could tear us apart.


However, the risks we took made our nooses tighter and tighter.

Soon, our love began to gasp for air: choked by doubt, misunderstanding, and fear of the unknown.

The rope left marks and scars on us, but we still remained ourselves - for now. We always thought the noose was the only thing that could kill us. We thought we were invincible. We were wrong. Our risky rendezvous were catching up to us. The nooses around our necks were being pulled harder and harder. Our love fought against this force, but in the end it was not enough. The force of gravity is constant and the friction of our love was not enough to resist it. Maybe we should not have challenged Fate. Maybe then the platform would not have been swept from underneath us. 


As we plunged into darkness, we turn at each other with eyes still wide, but carrying a different emotion. Now they were filled with terror and disbelief, unable to comprehend our sudden demise. I saw that he was hanging there at the surface. Suffocated and limp of the love that once filled him. The color that once filled his cheeks are drained and he is pale. At that moment, I realized I was alone.


He has been gone for many weeks now. But I still hang here, unable to be suffocated. The reminisce of our love still resides in the air, faint but present. "Why am I still breathing" I cry to myself. I cannot wrap my head around why this happened. How could Fate do us so wrong? 


Months have passed now. My heart grows heavier and heavier each day. The thread which my heart dangles from is stretching to its maximum.The weight of my chest sinks deeper and deeper. I hang here with my neck unable to escape my sufferings. No longer do I want to breathe in this air. No longer do I want to see his body, a decomposing memory that hangs as a constant reminder of what I have lost. I want so desperately to end this. I try to hold my breath but I end up breathing. I can't let go, something has to tear me away. But eventually, the threads of my heart will snap. Soon I will stop breathing. I have been in the dark for too long now. I do not remember how it feels to be in the light, eyes filled with naivety and hope. I long for the day I finally hang here motionless. No longer tortured by regret or heartbreak. But deep in my heart, I pathetically hope that this is all just a lesson for me. I still hope that one day, Fate may decide to fill his dead lungs with our love again. I still hope that his lifeless body will be resuscitated, and that all will be well. But I do not know when that time will come. I do not know if it will ever come. 

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