I Dreamt Last Night That You Loved Me.

When I first laid my eyes on you, your name was Please Be Mine Forever. We got drunk one night after midnight while we confessed our sins to make the pain less ghostly. You kissed me under the rain but then you walked away, even the sidewalk could remember the way your kiss tasted, you name was Don't Let Me Go. You said that you wanted to change the world so I took your hand in mine and your name was For Eternity. Your dad hit your mum because he was too high on heroin, I still have the sight of you crying in my arms, stuck on my mind. You said "I will never be like him, I will never hurt you. I love you more than I've ever loved anything." Your name was I Exist For You. We were engaged, two fools in love, we were planning our wedding next month and preparing our vows. You disappeared like the night when the daylight filled the room, your name was You Will Rot In Hell If You Stay. I rolled beneath the empty sheets and I found your scent upon my skin, your name was I Will Always Come Back To You. I was driving back to our house after I had went to the place where we first met, to get the thought of you out of my head. Instead, I crashed into your memory once you kissed me and I was eighteen again, your name was You Will Always Be My Baby.


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