happiness is all i want for you

To love is the hardest thing i will do

To love you makes one a real fool

I know that you got someone else in your heart

That deeply tears me apart

Happiness is all i would ever want for you.


I put up walls and yet you tore them down

Brick by brick tumbling to the ground

My love i can't help but want you

But you will never love me like the way i do

Happiness is all i would ever want for you.


Those dimples in your cheeks

That smile that makes me weak in the knees

When we are close and you're by my side

My heart beats and you give me butterflies

Happiness is all i would ever want for you.


So if you feel that i am not the one

And your feelings for me long  gone

Tell me you no longer care

Go ahead leave all the memories we shared


So be happy

Live your life as i will do mine

Fall in love

As i will one day in time

Wish on stars and don't give up on hope

As my heart breaks your happiness shall help me cope


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