We lost connection...
bad wifi.
Insecurities question your wings like,
"why fly?"
That stems from deep ties
And mad lies;
Broken trust,
bad decisions from both sides.
Ain't no way of fixing it in her eyes.
Now I'm drinking none stop and
She bed cries.

These are bad times..

Pointing fingers, who's fault is it?
She has a big pride, she can't swallow it.
Am I the bad guy?
maybe so but don't throw salt in it.
That only seasons the beef, it doesn't squash the shit.

"Sorry" has been drained of all its powers.
I'm supposed to be the superhero in our
darkest hours.
But how do you give life to dead flowers?
Cause our egos say "to forgive" makes you a coward.
Courage means facing the storm, not dodging the showers...
Yet we're reading each other's texts and Contemplating ours..


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