If boys were like dogs

Why do I do this this to myself

I get caught up in the moment and end up hurt

They all see me as one of the guys 

Never a girl

They claim to like me but value our friendship to much

So I end up getting led on

Over and over again

I get left tripping in the mud that feels like quicksand

Feeling like there is no air for me to breath 

as I am slowly sinking deeper and deeper into this dark abyss

Will it ever end or will my bad luck get the best of my fate

Should I just give up and become a crazy dog lady 

Maybe that way I can find comfort in who I am

and not have to second guess myself

Dogs don't judge you on how you look or what size your boobs are

They love you unconditionally 

If only boys were like dogs

Than I would be able to find love

I would be able to find someone who will love me not because 

I am pretty or have a big butt

But will love me for my flaws

Love me for being awkward and silly

And just down right weird

So tell me if boys were like dogs would I no longer have to feel

lonely and afraid


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