A collection of love stories. / love confessions.


1) There will always be a part of me that is yours.

2) Then let me fix you.

3) I'm here now love.

4) You told me you loved someone else.

5) Angel, you're the one who should've never left.


1) I love all of those things almost as much as I love you.

2) I was yours from the beginning.

3) I promise I won't leave you.

4) I'll stay forever with you.


1) It'll always be ours.

2) It'll always be us.

3) I pinky promise babygirl.

4) Sculpt me with your hands.

5) Will you go out with me?

6) You're the only girl I look at, you're the only girl I could ever kiss, I'm yours forever.

7) I love you forever and always.

8) I could never regret spending time with you. Or marrying you.

9) That's because I was scared of hurting you.

10) I don't know, I'm just scared of doing to you, what I want to protect you from.

11) I can't bare to be without you.

12) We both know it doesn't matter.

13) I do love you, still.

14) It hurts to be away from you, more than anything.

15) You always hate me when I do.

16) I want you so badly but we start fires when we are close.

17) What must I do?

18) Please tell me.

19) Please, you are always beautiful.

20) I can't.

21) I just want to be with you.

22) I just need to see you.

23) You're too beautiful for this world.

24) I just really miss you.

25) You're so special, nobody can even come close where you do in my eyes and heart.

26) Why are you sad my angel?

27) It's okay, I love you for it. 

28) I'm never too tired for you.

29) I want to be there, holding your hand in class.

30) I love you so much.

31) He doesn't deserve to feel that way about you, babygirl.

32) I miss you.

33) Come here, babygirl.

34) I won't as long as you dont ask me to, I'm all yours.

35) What? Why are you scared of me?

36) Don't you love me?

37) I know I love you.

38) All of this was your choice, not mine.

39) I let you make all the decisions to make you happy, so you could have your perfect life.

40) All I ever did was try to make your life perfect.

41) I gave you everything you wanted.

42) I gave you the complete control. It's what I give everyone. You shaped this into what it was and set it on fire.

43) I'm glad you're okay though, darling. 


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