But it was okay.

The first time you fell in love was when you were sixteen,

he made your heart race but sometimes he held your hand

just a little bit too tight. He played footlball and you watched and after

he never drove you straight home always his house first.

You didn't say anything when his hands moved too far up your skirt,

because he'd had a bad game. You always forgave him when he got too rough,

his knuckles kissed your cheeks more times than he kissed your lips

but it was okay, because you were in love.


The second time you fell in love, you were seventeen. 

He wore leather jackets and with his cigarette smoke, he set you on fire

He was cold and you burned.

You swore you wouldn't fall for him but his eyes said you would

and it was late at night when you whispered into his neck that you loved him,

and he pretended he didn't hear you.

you didn't like it when he growled and ripped off your shirt but you,

you let him anyway 

it was okay though, you were in love.


And then suddenly you were twenty and you settled,

you settled for men who shook when they kissed you and cried when you left

and you realised that you couln't stay soft for them.

You were twenty two and your heart didn't race anymore 

your veins didn't explode and your fingertips stopped glowing for them.

You were twenty three when you realised they'd ruined you for love,

and love for you, it's okay though

at least you were in love.




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