Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:18 -- ailed

My, oh my, Mama Bear is panicking


The look on her face of her eaten porridge is the regret of our traveling


My, oh my, Papa Bear is angry


The print on his chair left him to wonder if Mama had acts of polyandry


My, oh my, I am crying


This little girl with bright, yellow locks  sleeping on my bed was quite terrifying


She laid there with her eyes closed and very peaceful


She was not very pretty though, resembling the looks of a weasel


I want her to wake up and find us staring at her


Hoping that this memory later on will be anything but a  blur


I hated this girl who laid on my bed


She caused us anguish while her comfort is laying on my bedspread


Papa Bear is angry, growling even


She gave him more anxiety than hunting season


I deeply desire that she has nightmares in her sleep


Then maybe next time, all she’ll be doing is counting sheep


Mama Bear was very annoyed


Oh, how I wish the girl knew what kind of barriers she had destroyed


Finally, this girl had woke up and yawned


She stared at us blankly, wondering what in the world was going on


Her eyes started to widen, and tears started to trickle


Papa Bear let out a growl while I could see her tremble and arms slowly cripple


Mama Bear nastily scrunched up her snout


And the girl just had to shout


This was the last straw, and I let out my biggest roar


Gladly, the little girl fell onto the floor


Crying, tears of agony and regret


We made sure of that, as she ran out and left


Oh, how glad we were that she was gone


It was a triumph, a celebration and last but not least, the greatest phenomenon



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