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Films are storys brought out to life. The heart skippes a beat A smile is drawn on your face
Some people are inspired by the Earth, Others by the sea, I’m one of those that look up to the sky.   Though it’s not for the stars, Nor the moon or planets. I like to sit and watch.  
One Job...May Change My Life
My Job?That's Easy Changing the World, With my Art. Would be Just Enough.
You only get one life. Like the last bite, inhale until full. Breathe and release the changes.
"Good Morning, Ms. Mai Xee", everyday as the students walk in. Bright little smiles, maybe missing a few teeth.   Sitting in their seats and eager to learn. Pulling out their crayons,
People look at warzones Like they have just seen Lucifer Descend from the sky Blood Enemies And brutality Scattering amongst each footstep he takes Leaving in a tornado of disaster
These hands do all of the hard work in this life
To live and to dream to go far and beyond to live the dream is only a fond   The extra mile is all I need to make others smile in their time of need   To change my life
Attending x-ray school, I decided I want to do something new. M.R.I Aint just for guys;
Just one job may change my life, Something to satisfy my future wife. What job would it be? Take one step closer, and you will see...   To be an Anesthesiologist would change it all,
Ever since I was a child, I've been dancing day and night Regardless of injury, no matter the circumstance, Dancing has been my flight. Now, I am older And I see everything in a different way than before
My entire life I’ve known what I wanted to be A future in medicine fills my heart with glee
I want to design,
Dreams; though they fly vicariously through my mind and soul daily.. Only one resides like residue deep within me.. It quickens me, and beckons me.. Because that need falls heavily.. Oh so, heavenly
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
Writing a song, play, or movie is nothing compred to a well written story. Words on a page mean nothing at all if your heart is not going through it all. A part of me I wil never replace
I am a young child. I am in school surrounded by peers. I am asked what I want to become. I am starting to dream about careers.   I am a young teen.
Ideas fly through our heads every day  Big ideas Little ideas It doesn't matter  they're always there I was given the talent to make sense of my own ideas
This is not my dream job  but i do it to make this world better  no more crying please don't sob i do it for the people  not just for the united states i do it for the world
It's too bad my  Dedication and Sophistication wouldn't cut it , they say I need the Education  I say make it so that we can get it Time passes by Each hour becomes a year
Movies have always captured my attention, I will stay up late and watch many. The next day I fall asleep and go to detention. In my confinement time I dream about not being involved with just one movie, but maybe twenty!
I always loved to help. So when I woke up for work, At four in the morning, And got socks from my sister's room, I wondered why she didn't ask to talk, Before taking 3 bottles of prozac and pills.  
A High School StudentBeing so super fluentWorking on that Notepad ++Typing up some C ++Working hard in a teamMaking Apps in a gleamDebugging and testingLook at this time im wasting
When I ponder over life and death Or contemplate adventure with bated breath I can’t help but be drawn to a quiet nook Where I can pour my heart into a beloved book  
Welcome to Politics.
An individual that takes pride in their versatility. An athlete that has passion in more than just the sport.  A student that continues to grow.  A person that does not see limits.
My dream job is to provide and direct a program that prevents bullying Hurting someone doesn’t bring you joy It brings any bully power that they need
Rushing into the flame Sprinting in fact Full speed to make sure everything is intact  
Words invade the empty space in my mindFlow through my veinsAnd formulate through my pencilThey live deep within meRevealing my emotions
It is amazing how one thing so small can change your life Something that comes out of no where or slowly develops over time. Just one job could change everything for me 
As the violent winter wind whips my chapped lips, I can’t help but smile; mouth cracking at the seams at the sight of Pike Street glittering in its unearthly way in the December evening.
  With paper like my holy grail/ Fingers that mean savior/ I write my path/ Words that are footprints padding against even the harshest of hearts/ They can change your mind/
With all the stress in school these days its hard to have fun.
Money isnt important  its not about the work-load its about enjoying life and  inspriring others saving children from themselfves, parents and those pre-teen twelves  because music is my passion
Like a bird I'll fly free, I'll stop at a tree, I won't stay too long, I'll have to move on.   In a spring forest I know I should not be, Where beautiful flowers bloom,
To dream only of work, is to dream only of death.
As work goes by, and while I try There's one question that they ask: "Tanner, congrats on getting in! Now what's your goal or task?" "Well there's one problem," I say to them, "It's actually quite funny."
A single moment... One simple thing  could be what turns out to redefine me. I may not know when it happens,  So must choose for the wise in all of my choices throughout my life. 
My care for people Will never cease to exist. My sense of patience  Will complete me until the day I die.   Children have my heart, Every one of them. The sweet and innocent,
Running Running  Running Blood
Dreams were more acceptable 
A woman can't be an astronaut; or so I've been told; Women should watch the house;
Fresh lungs take their first breath of air The mother’s joyous cries fills the room with flair Years are constantly passing by quicker than a fox The blonde blue eyed girl feels trapped in a box  
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