The Beauty of FilmMaking


Films are storys brought out to life.

The heart skippes a beat

A smile is drawn on your face

A tear runs down your cheek

A breath taking moment is experienced.

I want to be the reason behind this reactions of the audience

I want to be responsible for every scene produced

I want to be a Filmmaker.

Filmmaking is a Passion from both the Heart and Soul

Passion is not created by practice

Passion is created by Drive and Determination


Drive and Determination is created by Strenght

Strenght physicaly and emotionaly

I will have Strenght

I will have Drive and Determinaton

I will have Passion for Filmmaking.




I would just like to say I have a shared interest in film making and I have written an analysis of your poem for a school report! I found it extremely interesting how you've portrayed your ideas!

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