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I am a gift of aphroditie the goddess of love,beauty and pleaser yet i have the caurse of heartbreak, and unpleasable I am blessed by medusa the holy woman of wisdom and battle
Oh to be like Echo, Always calling out but never heard. To be like Midas, Always reaching out but never touched. To be like Medusa,
Athena In the soft light of an old lamp, at a university somewhere, everywhere they sit and study, and study, and study
Dramatis Personae   Spartans: Bri Lawrence Alex Aaron
The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 
The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 
A long time ago, war was small. War was local, contained. Ares, then the god of war, led the world to fight itself, ingrained hatred in all of humanity.  
As her hips sway to rhythm of song, She mischievously tempts young fools along.  Her matted mound of curly hair And viscious, cold, icy glare Leaves all the men imobile as stone
They told me not to open the email, but I watched as the numbers had grown. It started at 0 and now there was 50 alone. They told me something bad would happen, If I let my curiouslity grow
The man signs the contract With a pen full of blood A snap and it's gone He sits up and looks towards the sky In a dark office, the CEO resigns The ruler of the Underground is a buisness man
Hades Ruler of the Underworld Supervisor of Hell Two brothers who rule the universe While he is stuck in his realm
            Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance.The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness
5…   When you feel a hand squeezing ice into your fingertips,  cold as those distant galaxies you had always studied,  as a new star was being born, 
walking through these halls feels like stepping through the unknown with the scent of sirens implying dangers that i cannot pinpoint; too fearful to talk to anyone in sight, will they entrap me in their lies,
walking through these halls feels like stepping through the unknown with the scent of sirens implying dangers that i cannot pinpoint; too fearful to talk to anyone in sight, will they entrap me in their lies,
He wanted her,  so he took her.  With violence and thrashing and might.  He left her on shore with nothing  but the foam lapping at her limp feet  and the rising sun reflecting off of her hair
Gods of bronze, stone, and gold, Whose temples stand high,  As churches change time, Inspiring hearts of the beaten and beating - As spears fall and lyres stall - Athena still stands tall.  
In today’s world, there was nothing but hate No one seems to like each other  As I look around, I feel my heartache   Love had died, not even showing it to mothers 
We weren't singing for you We aren’t posting for you You call us vane? Yet you picture us this way  In your mind Made us look at ourselves like 
I prayed to Atë For life But she did not take that well Because there is no easy way for me to be punished for that She cannot give me life and my own downfall
Swim captain is his title in the school The pool is known as his second home People always telling him, the fish can’t even out swim him
Zues,of the sky,angrily striking at his brother Neptune,of moving water and he who also controls the sea,of war where violence may start to bloom could only mean darkness and gloom will come soon
Some people are destined for greatness Some for dirt Some people are lead to happiness Some left to hurt    This is just the way things are 
I tell the tale of a family violent and free and unpredictable  No soul would believe they existed in our everyday lives 
Persephone, Queen of the Damned Daughter of Spring A true vegan; Natural blogger Has a garden so elaborate; winter cannot crumple Flowers, Vines, Plants galore A great palace of Earth
I died my hair bright red the other day; now my curls are poisonous snakes. Twisting, turning, tangling.   We know that in nature, bright colors mean posionous.
There once was a woman, with skin like cream and features fair, with eyes of emerald green; with a robust body and fine gold hair.  
She glides through the halls,golden eyed and forked tongue,with her consummate curls and snake skin stilettos.Her bronzed thumbs faster than her numbing gaze.using her honeyed voice for falsified statements,screaming the Arachne spun tales from ev
Like the father, the son stands strong and tall. Responsible for the world, their similar broad shoulders hold it all. Oh, the popular Apollo, our school's biggest star.
This time, Pandora does not open the box.   This time, Pandora is a little girl in downtown Manhattan Who peeks around corners and always gets into places she shouldn’t
The gods are not who they once were.   
Many believe they are carrying, the weight of the world on their shoulders. But they do not know the pain, of holding up a dead thing on their own.   Their crimes are often varying,
I realize I am one of the lucky few A love such as ours does not often stay true; If my mother only knew where I was she would grieve As if Hades stole my heart like a lowly thief;
So there I was sitting down, Locker room was full. And out of nowhere he came round, Like he owned the school. I walked up and he pushed me,
I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge. Still, I was so sure I could manage.   One day I met this man who asked me on a date. On my way to work, I said no.
They shout for metal straws And recycle with pride But they don’t see That I will die anyway Reusable water bottles can only do so much  
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyFriend to the school trophyTrophy girl to an earthquake Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyA week left to goAnd his eyes where they should not be
Deep below the Earth's surface, Fire erupts into gulfs of flames. A castle of obsidian awaits The arrival of the King Back from the human world. In his arms is a girl with the gift
He plans meticulously.   She smiles with the warmth of a thousand ancient fires, and her eyes twinkle to rival Venus in the night sky. Whose maze was he in?
Walk, don't look behind. Wait, she's far behind. Hope, she'll follow behind. Stop, don't look behind. Walk, you hear her steps. Wait, don't see her steps. Hope, those are her steps.
Wandering the dim, Hades searches.   Dancing through the light, Persephone considers.  
As times change and myths are sculpted we see the gods once reverred move alongside humanity, evolving and ever-adjusting to our trends, culture, and norms.   Apollo, the god of healing,
Oh my, oh my, this photo I just took, shows off all of my captivatingly good looks. The hearts and comments I receive just grow more and more,
Silent is the night on which we are born, clueless of the future that has been predicted for us. Perfect is the world in which we remain hidden from our father's eyes, without the necessity to open our wings and fly.
Wings out stretched, feathers fluttering in the wind. "Don't go towards the sun," they said. "you'll fall to your death" So Icarus stayed low
She’s not your normal mythShe doesn’t live in the clouds,However, her hair is made of them. She wasn’t cursed by a jealous lover, butShe was cursed by society. She doesn’t have tales to make you idolize her. 
for millenia her kind were treated as serpents, always hiding, scheming, "witches" they cried for centuries. always eternal was medusa, watching from shadows cast upon her everglowing face.  
there is something inside me, i say this a lot. i say this so much it's grown into its own small world, its own small sea of love that i wade into on the worst of nights.
Three Brothers, singing of powerful truths. One was Metal. One was Pop. and the Other Blues. Together they formed a Trinity. Singing of ballads and tunes. One brother of Thunder, and the other swayed by the moon.
Myths and legends are alive and well all around us.   Apollo lives  in the steady hands of a medical surgeon In the voice of the newest, hottest star
There he sits upon his throne In the web, his chaos sown. Drunken though his thoughts may be Others read it readily, While drinking in the words so fair, They drink it all without much care.
Artemis  doesn’t actually care if you’re celibate.   She protects virgin girls, yes, but also women (and men)
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
Hark! they whispered, those dryads in the trees And all throughout the woodlands I felt disease. Plucking little white flowers, I twirled them between my fingers
By Malkyah Angelique   HI, I'm Dionysus Might as well dive right in No point in delaying this   My wife says I need rehab. I'm the god of partying Is my drinking habit that bad?  
Dionysus the god of wine, madness, and parties If you got in the way of his fun oh you would be sorry At beer-pong he sure was gnarly
Dionysus the god of wine, madness, and parties If you got in the way of his fun, oh you would be sorry At beer pong he sure was gnarly
They robbed her of her darkness Gave her ebony hair and an apple to bite Made poison her downfall And a kiss her salvation They forgot what was real Now she sings songs on Broadway
There was a girl (There was a queen) Who played in the meadows (Who spoke to the earth itself) Whose mother loved her (Whose mother controlled her)
“will you marry me, Hera?” “no means no, Zeus. i’ve seen how you are with other girls and i’m not interested.” he smiled at her
my life is like like charybdis my head is spinning, can't take this I breathe in, everything all at once I belche it out and feel like a dunce if only i had someone to come and pick out every crumb
Love is a beautiful thing.  She is born of sea-foam, the last daughter to a mad king. She is Love, she is Beauty, she is everything her father wasn't. She is given many names, but Aphrodite is constant. 
Women are right to fear the dark.   This is what they learn — Through gentle warnings, Whispered words —
The ones so fearful of losing power so many centuries ago  Saw beautiful creatures times two, such a grand foe This is where it began, the treachery to split the souls in half
My computer hums a familiar sound, The screen, pitch back, springs to life! The beams of white light break through the night around me. Familiar noises fill my room-
Our statues breathe life into us, and our souls tame. “Tame, Mortals? Never! Their own inhumanity is of fame!” Zeus towered above the Gods by name.
Selene goddess of the moon if she were here in present day would be known to travel the world admiring the beauty of nature in all its glory I have a feeling
Perpetually searching for a scapegoat to blame, containing all answers if humanity still heard their name. Reason for destruction and poverty quickly explained,
A body belongs to its owner. And to no one else. Uterus to cornea. Let there be no theft. No discussion or judgement. Of what goes in and what comes out.   Why was Medusa hated?
  Even the smallest of her affections is your undoing Wet footprints on the white sand that you won’t tread upon Only the sea could ever erase the memory of her there  
Once upon a time (not as far as you’d believe), they would have called me a monster--- a “griffe” half-eagle, half-lion. A quarter of me here,
Obsidian sky holds silver remnants of past.   Wind carries whisper, dew answers in soak.  
Midas My name My claim to fame See I'm Waiting on a chain from a music mogul like the melanin filled money-makers sold out on the block Which is ironic cause now were selling on the block 
Oh! alas that you were left behind, poor dear maid! Whilst upon this lone rock on the sea you were laid.   Oh! gone is your Theseus, that era is over, You’ll not be some thankless Athenian’s lover.  
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked, "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
Fangs sunk through her ankle. Blood and venom mixed. Collapsed upon the ground, the young oak nymph lay dying.   She had not strength to cry. Her sweet brown eyes faded,
I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
Goddess of spring Jewel of Demeter They say you were walking In a field that was flowering And that Hades stole you away
    Damocles spirit of vengeance By A.R.T   I fought your wars With all its horrors Blood and death Without a single breath  
 Cursed hero of greece By damacles   10 labors and two more He did them all He became hero of greece But was cursed to die  
The first thing I saw when I met you Were your wings, held close behind Tucked and folded, neatly hidden A stifled source of pride.   I loved you for your wings, Though I knew they would be your demise
22 November 2017 - 1:42 am   i saw you once   with bare feet scampering through a far-off foresteyes shooting arrows from your lycian bow into my psyche   
the gods are angry they shake my window with their boisterous voices they casue my body to tremble in fear and my eyes to overspill their salty tears   zeus and his lightning are vengeful tonight
Perhaps I could have spared my lungs the weight of an infinite sea- Had my name not slipped so sweetly, So carelessly, From between your lips-
Grit in a glass. Confidence in a cup. Call it what you will, as long as you buy another gin and tonic.   I'm consistent in my ways, you're just another tab, that's got to pay.
In the oasis that cultivated and sheltered everything man conceived, Were the final clawing and flap of a longing paw and wing. Only the bevy of nymphs and maidens grieved,
What did she do to deserve this torture? What did she do to deserve this pain? Why must she have snakes suround her, and now be dead, no, slain?   Why did the Hero come to slay her?
As god of the gods i must avenge my pride by counteracting my dire grief And bring justice to the insubordinant actions preformed by the fire thief I wish to asphyxiate him in the depths of my brother poseidons domain
My world was small, but you showed me   Wings built to carry all that I am. Are you aware of my changring heart? Melting away and molding into something new. In this moment,
Weave flowers through your hair while we sit in the garden. To be alone with you, not touching, never touching, is a sublime torture, an exercise in self-denial and gratification,
I would carry the weight of the world for you if I could like Atlas.   My spine is weak and slumped under my own weight but I promise I won't let you down.  
oh icarus, how deeply you l o v e d but oh          how                 carelessly                                  you       f
i do not have the might to gather my makeshift wings of paper maché and tacky glue and leave this cardboard labyrinth with one entrance because the minotaur is my only friend here and i am not your drowning icarus.
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
Hear me, oh cruel gods of Olympus, for one of your own is fading. Pan is dying, oh our beloved Pan is dying.   "Great Pan is dead!" Thamus yells. Alas, the news is only greeted
Tied tight, never to fray. Affixed within a tortoise shell Strummed by the hands of a Muse so they say Calmer than a drum and softer than a bell.  
Those wings fly through the night Aiding Perseus in his fight Against Eight’s waves and creatures Told in stories by Old Greek Teachers  
i feel there comes a time when we realize that our life is only but half a life that we have deprived ourselves of enrichment and fulfillment,
Cupid is dead And Venus is fallen They've run out of lovers And suitors to call them They've left you poor souls To be lonely instead For Venus is fallen And Cupid is dead
I was once a goddess searching for my god,And he appeared to me in a wheelchair.But that's okay.  
And he told me not to look back at you, darling,but that’s telling fire not to burn and I had waitedtoo long yet. I felt you there behind me, closeenough to feel the whisper of your breath so that I longed
Time means nothing meaning I don’t exist My fabric’s tattered my coating battered, my joy eclipsed
Euridice, Euridice, my dearest love,Please fly back my little bird.Where is my little dove?I beg you, please return.Euridice, Euridice, o’ brightest star,Please return to evening sky.
(performed in front of my fraternity when we were celebrating Greek culture. there are many different versions of the Pandora myth so understandably some parts of my poem might not "fit" with one version of the myth)
I fell for him, fell hard, so swift and quick As if it was an act of Aphrodite
New day,
the song that forces men to leap overboard in squadrons even though they see the beached skulls --Margaret Atwood   Sailors who come near our island find out voices sweet and irresistible.
Come forth, O Singer of the Gods, Sing your song, spread your words of wisdom. Show the world your worth not in the holy night, but in the shameful day, for all to see.  Men and Gods, we are not so different.
They come with thunder. Footsteps shattering the Skin of the world with each Step. They stand tall over their dominion. Swathed in colors of their creed. Red. White. And Blue.
(poems go here) Your song of love, so soft, so gentle I can feel it caress me. Your power, stronger than anticipated, you control me so effortlessly. With Mt. Olympus so high,
His long neck around her own She gasps for air in short breaths Her bottem lip caught in his beak is starting to bleed and drip onto his soft and white feathered body, which lays upon her own soft body.
here she lies, a maiden stored, bound by a twisted cord dragged into a shadowed world to which, against her will, she was sent.
With one word, he takes me in the clouds or down to Hades, his willing Eurydice just waiting until he decides to turn around all too soon. When that happens, of course
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