unholy matrimony (the rape of hera)

“will you marry me, Hera?”

“no means no, Zeus. i’ve seen how you are with other girls and i’m not interested.”

he smiled at her

“you’ll be my wife one day. and don’t you forget it.”

eyes blue as ice, crackling with lightning

how she wished to forget those eyes

“back off! or i’ll call the police!”

“i need your help.”

a man stepped out of the shadows

she couldn’t figure out why he looked so familiar

it was his eyes

eyes cold as ice, burning with hunger

steel hands wrapped around her neck

“they call me cuckoo. used to do ecstasy.”

“you said you needed my help.”

“i hurt my arm.”

his arm was twisted at an awkward angle

“how do i know i can trust you?”

everyone knew what happened to girls at night

“you don’t.”

gullible, gullible, she was so gullible

she’d pitied him

now she was the one hurt

bleeding, bleeding

were his blue eyes bleeding?

“nice place.”


she left the room to get bandages

she froze when she felt fingers stroking her waist

“what are you doing?!”

“don’t give me attitude, Hera.”

“how do you know my name.”

it wasn’t a question

she didn’t need an answer

his blue eyes glowed eerily in the dim bathroom light


“if you won’t willingly be mine… i’m perfectly content with making you.”

she was trapped behind the locked door

trapped beneath his body

trapped by her guilt

her fault, her fault

this was her fault

he leaned over her body, kissing her tears

“you know what the worst part is?”

her voice had died

she didn’t answer

he laughed

“no one will ever believe you.”

he showered her with compliments

but compliments mean nothing coming from a barbed tongue

his blue eyes ravished her

she was another plaything

another toy

“you’re getting married?!”

Aphrodite couldn’t believe it

Hera couldn’t either

“i’m sure you’ll be very happy together.”

“yes, we will.”

Zeus smiled

but his smiles never reached his eyes

his damn blue eyes

blue turned purple

tainted with blood

her blood

“you’re going to be a great wife.”

she didn’t move

“you’re good at so many things!”

didn’t react

“but you know what you’re best at?”

don’t say a word

“keeping your pretty little mouth shut.”

her eyes screamed for help

eyes said what lips couldn’t

but eyes can’t speak, can they?

her fault.

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