Not Your Normal Myth

She’s not your normal myth
She doesn’t live in the clouds,
However, her hair is made of them. 
She wasn’t cursed by a jealous lover, but
She was cursed by society. 
She doesn’t have tales to make you idolize her. 
She has stories that pour out of her and make you weep. 

She’s not your normal myth. 
She is not the goddess of beauty. 
She defines beauty.
She’s not the son of Zeus ,but 
she’s the daughter of our mothers. 
She is the daughter of Harriet, Rosa, Angela, Maya, and Michelle. 
She doesn’t have light that glows around her. 
She has light that glows within her. 

In fact,
She is not a myth. 
She is real. 
She is me. 
She is my sister. 
She is my mother. 
She is a black woman.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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