Ares in Gym Class

So there I was sitting down,

Locker room was full.

And out of nowhere he came round,

Like he owned the school.

I walked up and he pushed me,

Right onto the floor.

That is when I came to see

He's the god of war.

In the game, he hogged the ball,

Although he was the best.

No one wanted him at all

To play with the rest.

One day, we played basketball,

We were on different teams.

He pushed others into the wall,

Crushing future dreams.

Another time, he brought a spear,

Didn’t seem too smart.

But his menacing gaze, it struck fear

Right into my heart.

With that spear, fight broke out,

His lust had then been met.

He hurt some, swinging about.

Most people felt threat.

Young Ares not from here,

Different place at least.

Living in some other year,

Likely Ancient Greece.

As his name had always shown,

He was like a god.

He had a world that was his own,

So coming here was odd.

Did he just want to show off,

His power and his might?

Or was he just here to scoff

And act like it’s alright.

Eventually, he was kicked out,

And then sentenced to four.

That was the last we heard about

Ares, the god of war.



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