The Head of Medusa

Tue, 06/27/2017 - 18:04 -- SRW01

What did she do to deserve this torture?

What did she do to deserve this pain?

Why must she have snakes suround her,

and now be dead, no, slain?


Why did the Hero come to slay her?

Why did the Hero come to kill?

How did he find her by the ocean,

on this mountenous hill.


All she did was love another.

All she did was love a god.

Then the goddess came and cursed her,

to forever be shuned and flawed.


Athena cursed her to freeze all others.

Athena cursed her to turn all to stone.

Yet all she did was love Posieden,

in Athena's temple home.


Her snakes and lizards squirm and squable.

Her snakes and lizards are stilled mid fight.

Forever frozen in silent protest,

as though turned by her own sight.


Now her story will be forgotten.

Now her story is as non.

Medusa is free to sleep forever,

now that her body is gone.


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