Justice for Medusa

There once was a woman,

with skin like cream and features fair,

with eyes of emerald green;

with a robust body and fine gold hair.


She had two sisters, 

the Gorgons: Mighty and Far Springer

Neither could perish, 

only her own life would not linger


One fateful day, this woman went

to a prayerful and holy place

She went to worship the Goddess of Wisdom,

but instead, found only eternal disgrace


A lustful Poseidon took her there

and with her body, he did not spare.


"Athena the wise, Athena the brave, 

please, oh please protect me today!"

Too late did she pray,

for the God of the Sea had his way.


How could so vile a crime

be made right?

Surely he will not 

escape into the night?


"Athena the strong, Athena the fierce, 

please, oh please, do what you must!"

Too late was the call; 

for action was taken, but oh, it was just!


For given to Poseidon, was a tapestry,

a glorious weaving, 

of a victorious God

He was pleased enough to even applaud!


As he lay down to sleep that night

the tapestry did come to life

It slithered and hissed

and with its supple jaws did kiss...


As he slept like a babe, 

the poison overtook him

Not a poison of death, no

a poison of pain 


Poseidon would never again

take a woman like that.

In fact any time he would try, 

his body would turn to stone and defy


Petrified he would stay

'till she was gone

and the seven days after that

he would shed like a snake


While Poseidon had suffering, 

Medusa had justice

She gave birth to a child, 

and gained Athena’s trust


She was given a blanket

One that would protect, watch over

and defend

So harm would never come close again



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