Of Gods and Men

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 19:56 -- tech15


Come forth, O Singer of the Gods,

Sing your song, spread your words of wisdom.

Show the world your worth not in the holy night,

but in the shameful day, for all to see. 

Men and Gods, we are not so different.

Gods make their choices on a more colossal level,

leaving the humans to take the credit or the blame.

Ravaged by the Gods, we remain and take our punishment, 

which seem to be set forth by Pandora, Arachne, and Tantalus alike.

How queer it seems, seeing imperfect beings worshipping imperfect beings

in a never-ending cycle until the end of time.

But to each their own, to all their choice.

Believe as we will, we will never know the truth.

And so, all we can do is believe, and hope, and keep on living.

Someday, that may change, but for today, the fact remains true.

Man will fight man over their beliefs until they find that unity is far better than hate.


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