in love

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I see the most incredible woman I have ever met. You make me smile and laugh Every time I see you and think about you.   I used to think that happy endings and Dreams come true only happened in fairy tales.
I want to be the man I see in your eyes Every time you look at me.   The best is yet to be, The last of life for which The first was made.   Grow old along with me;
You said my eyes are beautiful. They’re only that way because…   They see your beauty that’s hidden deep within, The angelic smile upon your face And the ray of sunshine you bring into my life.  
Hi Friend!So remember the other day When we were in my car And you said you can’t think  Of anyone who likes you? Then I sarcastically replied,
i hope you find someone  you are content to just be with where not a word passes between you but you have never felt more heard  
Do you believe in love? If you do, I have for years. And if you don't,  I've never heard the word. But I'd ask if I could change your mind, In hopes that you could change that.
he could grip his hands around my throar, and push down until oxgen was nothing, but a far away dream, and still all he would have to do is say its this, or you'll never feel my lips again
     men    only fools             can't help          love        you          stay?                      sin         help                                 you? Like a river                   to the sea
Try not to let them see you sweat, or in your case, glisten. But if ever your heart is heavy, your face wet, I'm always here to listen. Not just willing, baby I'm insisting. Let me kiss away, the stress of every day. Been working all day?
And here I thought these feelings for you had expired, but then the moment I saw you again..damn, so inspired. In my heart, I thought, I no longer sought, for you to have a place. Until again we were face to face. The type of face..
From the very moment I met you, the mere thought of you could inspire me. Knew one day I might find myself a slave to love, I didn't know who the buyer would be. Found myself so ready to put in that work, hoping you would hire me.
Me and my girl were recently having a conversation, that broadened perspectives and led to revelations. Trying to define relational lines, while avoiding proverbial landmines. I always tell her that to me she's like the sands of time, timeless.
As I lay here with my thoughts..thoughts of reflection. Thinking about the hearts I mishandled carelessly, breaking them after adding them to my collection.
There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet. Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet.
I'm more than willing to put in that work because I believe you're worth it. Open your heart and let me enter. Let's see if we can birth it. By it, i mean something much bigger than us both.
Smile for yourself Make sure everyone knows you're alive No one Exists for a Second The little things matter more than you think Being told you're Pretty Being told you're Amazing And most importantly
We didn’t fall in love I just can’t stop thinking bout you No we’re not meant to be But everyone you’re with reminds you of me
You were playing with my hair As we lay there in your room And I said baby there's something That I gotta tell you You looked at me with your big brown eyes
  I want you to know that I love you That I always have and that I can’t help it I want you to know that I accept if you can’t love me back And that I’ll still love you
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
Somehow, she is everything She has this mind and I could spend All of my forevers trying to know Everything that’s on it
I wish someday she'll notice me. I wish my crush would like me; (If not love me) But I doubt They would ever feel the same about me. If she had to choose Within the crowd: To be picked;
 You said you had to find yourself  Which was confusing to me  Cause I see you so clearly  Your crystalline eyes like marmalade in the sunlight Your hair like chestnuts Cascading down your spine under your snapback   Brushing it out of your face w
When people ask me about youI tell them that you hate asparagusBut delight in broccoliI tell them about how you tell stories Like t
He called me once, you know I was in the shower and he called me Not once, but over and over until I answered He asked me how to love you What presents to get you
You still smell the same Japanese Cherry Blossom In my arms again  
People ask you why you like him Why did you choose him above everyone else? You smile slowly It isn’t a simple question So there isn’t a simple answer
The first time I realized I loved you You were sitting in front of the TV, It was glowing around you like you were Something holy
“Our Love”   All our lives we’ve been taught that we need food, water, and shelter to live But my love, all I need is you
I want to put on my favorite lipstick and kiss you until it's yours too.  
You are early morning sunrises, And bright stars in the dark night sky.  Forgotten tea that’s turned cool, Blanket forts, personal diaries,
i just wanna write love songs about a specific person in mindinstead of just a conceptbecause concepts aren't warm or tangible Concepts don’t drive you home
Do not fall in love with me. For I will show you movies, Read you books, And sway with you to music.   I will poison your favorite places to escape. And when you decide enough is enough.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, With you in my life All I need is to see Your smile and shining face Your touch on my skin As you wipe away my tears And teach me how to love again.
The world is a dark and dreary place But you are the light in my life   You are the sunbeams caressing my skin As if saying hello to an old friend   You are the burst of warm air
A great man once said that we are all born from star dust.I think that's true. It would explain why every inch of you glows like the sun. Another great man theorized the universe started with a bang. 
your eyes and your smile and your hands  are warm, when i see you i smile as well, oh god cliche as cliche is love, made out to be so grandious and unique and fantastic
I. Love. You.I love you more than there are stars,I love you more than the distance between galaxies,I love you more than words can express,I. Love. You.
You It’s a question most have heard before: What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island by the shore? What would you want?
This girl was crazy  But she looked like a mountain daisy.  Her brown curly hair Made her blue eyes be stared.  She was the clown of the group So she was kept in the loop
There is a boy who has the most beautiful eyes His eyes are a brilliant blue with gold flecks The boy with the beautiful eyes makes my heart melt He always brings a smile to my face
How the touch of flesh can bring emotion
The ocean has
Maybe one day I will find someone who doesn't see right through me Change the path he's walking
I love you, but you do not love me. I text you but you never reply.
These tears show pain, deep within is our anger too. If I cant stop this river, it'll overflow too. Maybe she'll come back, maybe fall in love too. Or maybe she'll run, from our love and us too. The love of our life, what did we lead to?
From the moment I saw you every breath in my body escaped every thought that had crossed my mind completely vanished Just as the walls began to cave in And just as the sunlight
There is a sadness that grows inside of me somtimes.  Almost like water. Almost like him. It crashes through the shore and breaks through the sand.  At times It can take down cities; its destroyed many lands. 
If I did love If I did love it would be so glorious so clumsy on a spring afternoon as Shakespeare or Keats as a ungraceful trip caught merely by chance
'A kiss is a speial touch of feeling on your lips of another. When these two lips touch, magic happens and your lips start to tingle.
Every night when I'm alone, I think of you. I think of how much happiness comes from you too. When I'm cold, you keep me warm. When I'm curious, you listen to my concerns.
She's so sweet and adoring! If I was a dinosaur, I'd be RAWRING!!! Why's my heart so heavy? Is it because of that sweetie?
I cannot recall what the feeling of love is. They say it is warm, It is kind, It is butterflies in your stomach When you see the one you love.
The wind is like a kiss blowing against me cheek. The sun is like your body keeping me warm though the night. Through out the years I have grown. The trees I once looked at as I was young have grown.
When the sun sets, you are my stars. When the morning comes, you are my sun. When the rain comes, you are the mist. When the lightning strikes, you are the thunder. When the note is played, you are the pitch.
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