Her Pt. 2

 You said you had to find yourself  Which was confusing to me  Cause I see you so clearly  Your crystalline eyes like marmalade in the sunlight Your hair like chestnuts Cascading down your spine under your snapback   Brushing it out of your face would be my caprice  Your jacket holding the scent of light cinnamon and safety I find you so easily In the meowing of a cat Or a rattling of a tackle box The sound of children laughing The whinny of a horse I find you in the smell of freshly baked cookies And in the taste of rich mac n cheese I see you in the sunflowers that grow in the spring And in the beauty of a mare In the rays of the sun shining down Much like you shine upon me I hope you find yourself too But if not ill help you find yourself In the taste of warm camomile tea on your tongue Or the feeling of the first snowflakes kissing your cheeks The safety in a favorite blanket And in the smell of home 

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