Water and Him


There is a sadness that grows inside of me somtimes. 

Almost like water. Almost like him.

It crashes through the shore and breaks through the sand. 

At times It can take down cities; its destroyed many lands. 

And can be the stillest of bodies, softly rounded and quietly flowing. 

Water can touch those dark places. 

Those small corners. 


But that is the problem with water. 

It can touch those dark places. 

Be seen and not.

Showing you a world; a simple dot.

Reflects dreams and reveals whats true. 

Then when it is done?

It evaporates...

Into the sky; into my lungs.


He is all of these things.

He cannot evaporate, however. 

Only the sadness.


When he is around.

Things open up like spring flowers. 

His embrace, makes me feel 


As if I have special powers.

His softer spoken words when we become intimate 

are sweeter than any fruit;

Richer than any loot. 

I want to wrap myself inside of them.

But one thing makes me stop. 

My heart always drops...


You can drown;

In Water.

In Him. 



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