i just wanna write love songs about a specific person in mind
instead of just a concept
because concepts aren't warm or tangible

Concepts don’t drive you home

Concepts won’t hear this poem
i wanna write this and have the audience wonder who it’s about
i wanna sing this and have interviewers interview me ask coyly who's my man?
and only reply with a secret sly sideways smile
that will be interpreted in magazines as madly in love!

Splashed and dashed across front pages; headlines

Without knowing the whole truth.

But i think that a concept is easier to keep.
You can't lock it in a locket or put in a frame

Concepts can’t share cryptic nicknames
but concepts don't leave

concepts are eternal
concepts don't cheat or lie or try and get away
you can idealize and romanticize a concept all you wish.

Doing that to a person though is a little overboard

But it seems like i’ve already plummeted off the high dive

Sinking in the deep end


You may be that frosty water

But my concept is the sunbaked concrete.

Concrete. it’s easier that way.


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