Colors of Us

I'm more than willing to put in that work because I believe you're worth it. Open your heart and let me enter. Let's see if we can birth it. By it, i mean something much bigger than us both. To be a courageous man of God, here and now I take that oath. I lived a life falling prey to lust, enslaved to the thirst..but you quench all of that and more, so baby give me that chance to put you first. I can't promise I'll make no mistakes, I'm still fighting my flaws. But I'll take a bullet before giving you intentional heartache, because loving you was already written in my heart like God's law. It's like I loved you before I met you, and I don't mean the idea of you like the me of the past. I mean my heart's been building a home for yours, filled with just you and God, a foundation strong enough to last.... Through any storm or trial. I promise stars form upon the forming of your smile. Okay, so maybe that part is just my imagination. But there's two hearts seeking habitation, with a pull stronger than gravitation. Both no longer alone, painting the Colors of Home. I find that time around you, leads to more revelations, about who I am, who I've been, and who I'm growing into. No matter what's next, I thank God for letting me befriend you. I'm so Blessed to be loved by He, who first loved me. Stealing time with this earth Angel, I'm unworthy. But I'll spend a lifetime working to earn that. Colors of Passion, every night, let's burn that. Let every day be something freshly written, beautiful and new. Let me unlock your layers, and discover all of the Colors of You. Let me tear down every wall tenderly, brick by brick, unlock every door. Like a moth drawn to the fire of your core. So eager to explore, what God has for us in store. I know it'll be better than all I could imagine and more. I'm praying for an outpouring of the Spirit of God on us, That Shining Light in the form of a dove. May we reflect Him more and more daily, in the painting of our life, in the Colors of our Love. I want to be the last to say goodnight as I hold you until you fall asleep. The first to say good morning as I watch you until you wake. I'm thanking God for the present of the present, and if I should die tonight, I pray to God my soul to take. He also deserves my heart, but a piece will be in you eternally, because for me you're Eternally Chosen. Nothing else seems to matter when you're in my arms. The warmth of your embrace, melted every place, that seemed eternally frozen. A love matured properly through the bonds of friendship. Even before the courtship, we connected on a level of kinship. Built on trust. I find myself in pure awe, forever inspired, when I sit back and look upon all of the Colors of Us.


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