If I do love...


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If I did love If I did love
it would be so glorious
so clumsy on a spring afternoon
as Shakespeare
or Keats
as a ungraceful trip
caught merely by chance

where men love
where virtues of women
defended defeated

any woman may be i do not think i could ever be
a fairy queen a fairy queen
or disguised to win the heart
a plain and poxed face to see
where he would read poetry
speak words of old black and whites
exchange words
of strange nerds shows
women were made to be wooed women were made to be wooed
yet i seek my courtship for many years
unwaiting waiting
men to woo them
watching attractive men walk by

If i were to love if i were to love
he’d be my man he’d be my man
of wax once friend
a man like that a man like that
waits with riches
is hiding for me to find him

If I ever did truly love If I ever did truly love

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