Colors of Reflection

As I lay here with my thoughts..thoughts of reflection. Thinking about the hearts I mishandled carelessly, breaking them after adding them to my collection. I can't change the past, but the moves made formerly by that past form of me, is something I was deeply regretting. Then I found it being my heart taking roller coaster rides, pulled in different directions. Attempted murder, but for the part I played in the attempts on so many others, I was readily accepting. Thinking it's the least I could do. Started considering the pros of being single for life, until my eyes came to feast on you. You were outspoken, confident, but there was something more that I couldn't really finger. As time passes, not only does that feeling grows. Where it could end, only God knows. But I like to think it might forever grow like the evergreen Trees in the Gardens of the new earth. That every pain my heart felt was truly of worth. If it leads to a new heart, crafted by God for me to entrust to you..then the heartaches and breaks were simply pains that come with every new birth. At times life made me so cold. Heart was so hard. Pain was so deep. I was so scarred. Until this golden brown Hershey kiss found her way to me. What a Blessing you are. Thank You God for shining Your favor on me. What was this, feeling I could not dismiss...seems light, was awakening..bright, in the abyss, of the lonely and empty feeling in me. It is God that heals but He used you to bring that next level of healing to me. To erase the numbness, and restore every bit of feeling to me. You are a beautiful fluorescent light, who brightens my every day, and will set fire to my every night. Beneath the layers of sweet talk and poetic expressions.. though every word holds truth, for a moment I want to just lay it bare. At the point of my life that I started feeling most lost since being found, giving into sin, choosing being bound. I looked up and you were here. A home was waiting, it had been vacant for a while. Turns out the key, was simply making my heart smile. It's something you manage to do daily, without even saying a word. The home no longer vacant, the throne was taken. My Queen. Baby I'll focus on you, because you are HER!


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