Do not fall in love with me

Do not fall in love with me.

For I will show you movies,

Read you books,

And sway with you to music.


I will poison your favorite places to escape.

And when you decide enough is enough.

I will leave this substance on your heart.

That can only be cleansed,

When I’m in your arms,

And my head is on your chest.


I will fill your lungs with the smoke from my lips,

That will be mixed with poetry and quotes,

So much crap you won’t be able too breathe.


You will drown in the novels and plays,

That I will show you.

In hopes it will help you comprehend how I feel.

Your skin will crawl with our talks.

You will want to wash them away,

But you will never be able too.


You will try to be clean again.

By bathing in vodka,

And cigarettes.

But I will always shine through.

Being the one thought that protrudes,

In your swirled  drunken ones.



I am an endless cycle.

you will call,

And I will answer.

We will fall back in love.

Your mind will learn to hate you,

But your heart will thank you.

I will rub my nails up and down your arms.

But when I go home.

The lines I left will burn with longing.



I am warning you now.

I am a mixture of



And bad decisions.

I am the devil in a dress.

With big brown eyes.

And a heart as big as yours.

If you do decide to fall for me,

I am telling you now.

I am so sorry.


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