Sat, 11/25/2017 - 17:52 -- Kai2k17

I wish someday she'll notice me.

I wish my crush would like me;

(If not love me)

But I doubt

They would ever feel the same about me.

If she had to choose

Within the crowd:

To be picked;

From my point of view;

I'd be the least expected.

I know we are just friends

But I sort of wish we were more.

To let her know

She's the one I adore.

I feel warm when I see her.

I feel awkward when she's near.

In a room full of people;

Her voice is the only one I hear.

I love looking into her milky brown eyes.

I love the way her smile makes me melt inside.

I love how her dark brown,

Curly waves bounce.

I love the way she's nice, it's terrific.

I love the way she's bright & quite athletic.

I love seeing her walk by

As she may say a simple "Hi"

I love hearing her sing.

I love hearing her laugh

and seeing her dance.

I love making her smile

and make spending time with me worth her while.

When we met.

My eyes were set

on her since.

Who wouldn't?

I hope I don't get caught lookin'

I love how she can speak many languages.

I love how she is so talented.

I love how she has a better personality than a normal person.

She ranks beyond above average.

From the first glance,

I knew I didn't stand a chance

But today is the day

That I pull through,

And just say

I like you...

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