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I frown and adjust my crown. My spirit shattered, but made no sound. Counting my blessings, but my soul is down. A sadness so deep, so profound. Losing weight by the minute, I'm already down 80 pounds.  
nobody understands me  it seems like sometimes im an alien  no matter how hard i try  something always get lost in translation whys it so hard for them to see we're really not all that different
Dear Husband,   You say we are a team and that our hardship days will end soon. The harder we work together, the better our future.
Something in my gut tells me to just run away, move on and find someone less difficult but then a spark of hope ignites in my heart and says
Dear Myself,
I have a dream, i will try hard to reach. I'd like to tell you so listen and please take a seat. I am a black belt in taekwondo, it's an olympic sport you know. So it has to be obvious where I want to go.
Just another second and the bell is going to ringJust another hour and you are done for the night,
This is in the mind of the wisest people Working hard and having patience Believing in what you do and achieving success It's never too late if you have not started
Every morning he wakes up and sighs, To God he constantly prays. He hopes that today is the day he won’t lament, Because finally someone will notice his talent As he shares his beautiful voice with the world
I wake up every morning, I see my Mom smile, My Daddy had passed away, Its been awhile, My Mom says she's not tired or hungry from work, But inside, I know she's very hurt,
Hard work, you can get anywhere if you have it It is something you have to admit And if you commit Surely you will be happy And I can bet
The painting originated by the painter was not the first element of its nature 
I want to be remembered   I am aspirannt , determined and driven. I am a young lady with goals and a dream.
Being me to the fullest could be described in so many words
I have been taught to work hard My whole life, no matter what. I was told that my hard work would pay off And it would all be worth it.  
Hard work just to give back and give madre a break,
    When people ask,
  Balled od a Cowboy
All of my friends tell me how "lucky" I am, because I'm so "smart"They think that because my grades are better than theirs that I'm "gifted"
Its Friday night We play them now.
You can achieve anything in life, Work hard every second ,
What is beauty?Magazines, movies, TV will have you believeIt is a mold:Flawless skin, no blemishes, no poresBodies so thin you get hungry on their behalf
Oh, the intensity that I feelThe sweat dripping down my faceI concentrate on the stealNo, it does not include a base
Who Is That Girl? If I asked different people what they thought about me they would all be different. 
You are my oasis. The sky is blue, blue waters, bright sand, you are the water that turns my desert into a beach, you, shade of the leaves that rewrites trials into isles of paradise,
Thirty Thousand two hundred forty minutes, The length of five hundred and four hours, A total of twenty-one days, Three weeks yet a lifetime.   The shiny hardwood floor smells of my biggest dreams.
Had a lot of disappointment in my life, not graduating tops it, I cry a million times, but who hears me, It does not matter how many times I clear my mind, it always seems to come back,
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
Have you ever, Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work. Taken a step back, For the appreciation of the piers. For a wider look on the world, A look that digs underneath false notifications.
This horse holds spirit rumbling real strong A loud neigh and a frightful sight, he rears He is young and unsure of what  is right and wrong Do not be scared dark horse, for i am here.
It can't be done. You can't act in films. You're from Missouri, where dreams grow to die, like weeds under the sun. They shout so loud, it bounces off the stars, meaning I can't even sleep to dream at night.
One last shot I use to say
I have the chance to change one thing in this world.   I have the chance to change one thing in this big messed up beautiful world.   So I jump up, throw my arms in the air,
I pity the fools who tried to rob me of my innocence, Of my hope for a society - For a world -  Where I'm not judged by the color of my skin or the mysterious voices I look to for guidance;
Life changes in the blink of an eye One day you're here  The next you're there So what if that all changed  What if your dream came true? The dream of owning a store
She works harder than ten men combine Working night and day till her knees break and hands swell Living in a cardboard box with only the clothes on her back
Mom's dream for child All coming true, but money The struggle, over.
  There's a kid who sits In the back of every math class He doesn't talk to anyone He does all of his homework
It’s the hardest job in the world In the hot sun all day Digging, plowing, working, and tilling They take a short break
Hard times forced me to mature Now I'm making use of all opportunities trying to assure Myself of a bright future Keeping the 4.1 and looking at universities Aim to be an engineer to see the bright days afar
How do you know what to choose From all the options thrown at you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? It's all up to you.   For everything that you're worth,
I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I know hard work   I shuffle from class to class and fight that need for sleep. I get out of school at 2:05. From 6 -2 I deal with high school.
Time winds down. Tick. Tock. Crunch time, ten seconds on the clock. Pass the ball then take the shot. Swish! Autographs in the parking lot.  Everyone sees all the smiles and cheers,
Coma.. Your body next to me, It's like a dream,  So warm, so soft, I never want to escape, This suffocating feeling of embrace, You breath on my cheek, You doby twitches, so slightly
Always building me up, Just to tear me down Sweat running down my body Always filled my eyes with tears Bruises all over my body I use to run and hide Yet, you seemed to find me
You only write once, that's the name of the game; And in all actions in life, all you have is your name. So in all things that you do, do it so that you're proud. Because at the end of the day,
Lacrosse is my favorite sport I love running and I love to score Without lacrosse my life would be a bore I never want to quit I only want more When I am on the field I run as fast as I can
My teachers always used to get mad, Because homework wasn't something I always had. Its too hard, I need help, and I don't understand, But excuses is all the teacher would comprehend.
I wasn’t the happiest kid in middle school School subjects increased in difficulty Especially math What is the Pythagorean Theorem again? How do I figure out the radius of the circle for a second time?
No, I don't run fast, but I am always moving toward my future; I've never been truly talented, but I'm always trying to push myself;  And I have no idea how to achieve my dreams, but I will always try to reach them.
  Life is a control We hold the power over ourselves in our hands But there’s no anytime use power button Although there is that little button some people resort to When they just can’t handle it anymore
Bragging rights are rights for a reason, I work hard day to day, quarter to quarter, season to season. The “overachiever?” The “teacher’s pet?” The “know it all?” Go ahead, I’ve been called them all.
I'ts more than a game, It's a passion. I step on my mat, hungry for victory. Speed and strength is my disease... I attack like a beast with an assassin's mentality.
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