My Competition


Lacrosse is my favorite sport

I love running and I love to score

Without lacrosse my life would be a bore

I never want to quit I only want more

When I am on the field I run as fast as I can

I try my hardest, I run till I cant

I have no fear of my competition

Every game I think my team will win it

I try my hardest, my performance is persistent

Lacrosse keeps me on the right path

It helps me stay fast

Maybe one day I will be playing for cash

But until then I will continue to not come in last

Instead I will come in first

And attempt to put my competition in a hearse

Lacrosse is my gift, being lazy is my curse

So I take my laziness out of the works

I love my team, on and off the field

My team loves me back so I know its real

Without lacrosse I would be nothing

You better tell my competition to start doing something!



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Lacrosse is my favorite sport and it motivates me to be a better person.


Nice job!

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