You are my oasis.

The sky is blue, blue waters, bright sand,

you are the water that turns my desert into a beach,

you, shade of the leaves that rewrites trials into isles of paradise,

you, breeze that brings the sea to me,

you, you are my oasis.

Curving sand dune cheeks of your smile,

your coconut eyes with milky whites

and teeth of tropical moonlight

and lips like cooling my sunburn like sipping on pina colada

I bake in heat and you soothe me,

you are my oasis.

Hands of fine tanned sand knead my bare feet,

a glimmer on your sunny forehead,

you work for that wave to wash the shore

and those broiled sunsets only there as your chore,

yet you laugh to lure in shining fish to prod and nibble my toes,

their colors swirling in the gentle shake of the undertow,

the gentle shake of your diaphragm,

holding you is immersing myself completely under,

water closing in around me, I feel space in a new way,

I can turn upside down and be totally fine

because of you, you, my water,


you are my oasis.


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