Being me to the fullest

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 12:50 -- Trae23


Being me to the fullest could be described in so many words

Fearless, curious, or truthful some would say

I am flawless because of my personality 

My personality shows through my writing, my passions, and my music

I help someone when they need it or not even epecting it

Sometimes I may show gratitude towards a stranger when all is said and done they thank me for my helping hand. Being flawless isn't about the fashion styles I wear or being able to justifty why I am here but by the passion within my heart for everything I stand for

Truth, love, fear, hate, music, art, and images that are imagined and created based on the words that I speak and by the actions that follow

Flawlessness comes from within not outward which all represents me

So become compassionate and meaningful to a cause of your own design like I have

I am flawless beyond a doubt through my actions, words, and deeds


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