Slow learner


My teachers always used to get mad,

Because homework wasn't something I always had.

Its too hard, I need help, and I don't understand,

But excuses is all the teacher would comprehend.

Why can't i learn as fast as all the others?

Is it because they have both a father and a mother?

Is it because my parents didn't go to college?

They are the ones who passed down no knowledge.

I raise my hand and my teacher looks annoyed,

my questions are the ones she always avoids.

All the questions are wrong so all the numbers are void,

but second grade the second time,

Felt scared but knew if i got behind,

Mom would be disappointed,

So I tried hard and got 3 tutors,

I even had lessons on a computer.

Now it's been over 10 Years,

Knowledge is power and I have no fear,

 And I graduated with honor during my senior year.

Hard work always pays off in the end,

If you try your best then your dreams will ascend.


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