Who Am I To You

Hard work just to give back and give madre a break,


Do what I have to just to keep the food on my plate


I love the snow so yes I snowboard but no I don't skate


Take the moment by its shirt & if that don't work, take the neck no I wont wait


cease that thing like it owed my fifty


I listen to jazz and rap mostly Em and fifty


an artist with the pencil so I doodle graffiti


do what I can for the world and give to the needy


an animal lover & mostly a dog hugger


I plan to break down world hunger


just the man I was raised so I can only thank my mother.


staying fit is the lifestyle I live by


whether its football or rugby I give my,


all, one hundred and fifty


all of my coaches words they stay with me


a hopeless romantic but I didn't plan it


only by the grace of god I was put on this planet


just to spread love but not sell but to hand it


to those who have a life like diamonds or granite


because it is he who I wish to see, so he commands it


I don't drink or smoke that stuffs against my ethics


that stuff is for the reckless 


I have a better head on my shoulders along with my necklace


my traits are rare not just out of the air or genetics


a gamer and introvert in a world of exos


an African american in this age I bet you didn't expect those.


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