#YOWO Scholarship Slam

Wed, 11/27/2013 - 17:31 -- VangiP1


Hard times forced me to mature

Now I'm making use of all opportunities trying to assure

Myself of a bright future

Keeping the 4.1 and looking at universities

Aim to be an engineer to see the bright days afar

All I can do is work hard and aim for the stars




As Thor grabs his hammer to ride the path,

he rides to face the snae with hamer hghi.

Jormungandr twists and turns with such wrath

hamer high, lightning strikes whe mjolnir cry.

Thor arrives, Ragnorak is growing nigh,

liftshis hame rhigh to strike, his work is near done

no escaping thethundegod now die

the giant serpentcannot hide nor run

battle on, who will be the standing one

Sound of thuder as mjolnir goes to work

this battle has odin losing a son.

He gave his life to end the evil lurk

and he savd us all witha piece of mind

Norse god Thor, protector of mankind. 



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