Letter to myself

Dear Myself,

I know that you're going through some hard stuff and the stress is just piling on by the tons and tons either by school work, money, extracurricular activities, clubs, family or anything really. How the day is just getting longer and longer to where you feel like you're drowning and the air slowly slipping away. How sometimes sleep is the only thing you are looking forward to, but yet you only have nightmares when you do. But just know you've been through worse, you felt worse you've gone through worse and yet you still somehow get to be on top. You always had times where you don't know what to do but yet you've always figured it out so why would this time be any different. Yes, it's a big change yes you’re going into something you have no idea about, leaving what you had known maybe family and friends behind. But, imagine what could come out of this. College they say is amazing, a big investment in your life that's going to pay off and I bet it will. Right now it just seems something unknown, something expensive, something unreachable. But you know you can do it you've always been able to do it even when times it feels like you can't. I know you feel small and unappreciated but you have to open your eyes, know there are people that do appreciate you that do care about you and you need to learn how to be able to see that more sometimes. You're not the best you could be or everything everyone expects from you especially your parents. I know you always feeling like you could do more than you've actually done and I know that makes you feel so guilty because you have opportunities that they didn’t have offered to them in their life growing up and you do.

But sometimes you can't let that overpower you. Think of the things you do take advantage of, some of the opportunities that you would try hard for. remember trying for the student council when you thought you couldn't even get in? and you got in. Remember applying for the firefighter internship thinking there were way more qualified people applying but you got in as well. remember getting that non-profit internship that was paid when other people applied as well and you got it? Don't stress about all the opportunities you could have done or gone for, because you did do most opportunities that were offered you. You work so hard now, you might not have known how important work was during the beginning but now you know. You work twice as hard to try to make up from what you lacked before, you worked double to show you were capable, to break the stereotype, to show and prove you were a hard worker and determined. Now know that once you open that acceptance letter, know that your hard work pays off but then again your hard work is yet to be fully done.

So don't use this as something to lift your stress up, use this letter to yourself as something to motivate you, to work hard, to take every opportunity that's offered to you, and to not let people go unnoticed, or unappreciated. Don't let stress weigh you down, but let it push you and make you more determined. Don't let bad times for you block you from what could be good times. Also, don't let the unknown stop you from going forward, don't let something that seems unreachable put you out of reach mentally or physically. Know that you're young with so much time and so much more to go through. so cheer up because there's a lot to be proud and happy for.




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Respect you shared and wrote it is very good written it took me with you <3 Stay strong! number 1

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