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Your body next to me, It's like a dream, 

So warm, so soft, I never want to escape,

This suffocating feeling of embrace,

You breath on my cheek,

You doby twitches, so slightly

When you are at skeep,

Lost in your world,

Somewhere I'd like to be

Somewhere far, far away, just you and me

From here to eternity that's where we would be..

Lost in each others arms,

Away, forgatten, sheltered from harm, 

Together, forever, being as two becomes one,

As our hearts touch, we know deep down inside,

Our feelings they mean so much,

We are together, at last, two souls meeting up

Forever smitten, 

Forever and ever Loved up

For I miss you so much, I can't tell you how much 

I just wish you would wake up.. 


Coma.. Me, Myself and I 

Me, Myself and I....

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