Farmers Are Life


It’s the hardest job in the world

In the hot sun all day

Digging, plowing, working, and tilling

They take a short break

And then they continue the exact same way.


They get no recognition

For feeding this nation

From corn, sweet peas, apples, and beets

To all cuts of meat

That you find in your local market

Just down the street.


They love what they do

They will never want to stop

They produce extreme perfection

Just like the cotton that goes into your top


They get up at dawn

And go to bed at dusk

Taking care of everything carefully

Never letting any machinery rust


They pray for their family

Never for themselves

They thank the Lord every day

Like He is Santa and His little elves.


Truly kind hearted

Their love is always supplied

All of them are role models

And this is how food arrived.


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