A Wider Look


Have you ever,

Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work.

Taken a step back,

For the appreciation of the piers.

For a wider look on the world,

A look that digs underneath false notifications.


A majestic look for the realization of reality.

Take the mixing pot of this world that will soon lack morality.

Little children dying

Yet no calls for help are being spoken.

Others bullying,

A messed up world,

Yes It’s true.

But what about the silver lining that strikes us all?


Chivalry; hard to find

But impossible?


For loyalty only lies within the few,

The few that remember the true meanings

The meanings of hard work,

Hard work with smart work,

Work to never repeat a choice of mistake.

Independence for us all,

It’s impossible to find when you mix yourself in with the world.

One person at a time,

That’s how I’ve grown up.

For only the love and happiness within you for you,

Only that will bring the peace that is being searched for

For so long.


Your opinion is just that,

Your own,

But for me I’ve seen it already.

A loyal stance for myself of moral independence.

A stance of value

Mixed with that of which is thrown away;

Formality and hospitality.


So what about that silver lining?

That line of that which breaks through,

The line that separates good from bad,

A separation of those who succeed,

And those that do not.

A light that has been searched for

Far beyond the world we see.

That single moment of lining,

In which a ray of sun shining hope

Springs through the darkness,

A kind of happiness

Lost in the group but found in the solitary mind.


“To be or not to be”

That’s what I’ve learned in class

Some guy named William Shakespeare I suppose

For the approaching generations,

I pity them down deep inside.

They will never learn the truth of our own corruption,

Of our own materialistic culture.

Lost in a vicious cycle of remorse.

I for one will stand.

Remorse and gratitude are meant to be mixed true

Balance is a key component

Thrown and lost off shore,

Flying aimlessly in the air.

The balance has been gone.


I for one will stand balanced.

I will shoot and grasp my silver lining,

My turn for chivalry and hard work,

My future I hold before me in my little working hands

I will be,

I have answered that burning question from so long ago.

I will be above the corruptions that have been caused.

This step back I have taken,

Outside looks on the inside

Observations and questions,

I’ve seen underneath the layers

And to be true,

I don’t want any part of it.

I’ll walk this desolated path

For the one simple idea

Of leaving this repeated world of corrupted remorse.

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