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My small hands pressed into the bark of an old oak tree  It seems to whisper ancient things to me    Standing on a beach  The sand beneath my feet 
  I was driving round yesterday just after four Drove past an old blind man feeding the poor I followed that blind man all around town
THE SUNRISES   They call it whatever I call it the sun rose In the relationship i got in They say we don’t match But i call it a super match
I. Heavens flicker and take fire. The Earth takes its final breath Trembling, Stained, Defiled. Dreams gained with certain loss
What is it that we know? Where is it that we go? We see only the narrowness, The tunnel of our vision, That gives birth to strangeness, And fumbling indecision.  The shadows greet us warmly
I know of a man who hunts his prey, silently. He wants to steal your dignity. Strip it from you like he owns it. Like he owns you. He knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to take it away from you. He doesn’t ask.
I see no color Not red Not pink Not blue Not orange Not yellow Not purple Not brown
Look outside through your window of immunity are you afraid of what you’ll see?   do not be afraid, the steel bars of supremacy will keep you safe just take a peek Soon you will not be scared of the unknown
You stagger through the door, belligerent and blind. Anger that only spirits could invoke - menacing - gleering through your eyes.
We all close our eyes, but hers are closed, permanently We sing of colors, shapes, and sizes; she tries to understand We are stunned by the array of lights; she doesn't get excited
Sight, too me Is one of the most important senses I'ts what gives all our other senses a subject Those blind men Are some i feel truly sorry for Literal blind men...
If I should impact the future generation, She will call me “Miyagi,” because that way she knows she has to try, no matter how hard, before she can look to me for help and the help won’t be easy.  
Seeing only what is a head below your face Intuition we have sold to loosen your lace Can opener hands to pry open and leave in shame Kind words that seek to find the end to our suffering
Living li
First Impressions A nice smile, soft brown eyes,A look that’s worry free.
How ironic it is to be controlled by the ones who should encourage expression
Through glossy eyes I view the world In colors to beautiful to describe But all you see when you look at me Is a young man with starry eyes   It's not like I haven't faced a crucible
Vision granted taken for granted  or sometimes slanted   vision it's what is perceived    vision one cannot give it to me   vision the blind can "see"
  His hands are rough against my palm as he traces the lines of his tattoo on my hand.   He smiles self consciously as he asks "Do you understand?" I nod my head and smile back, loving all the while,
Everyday there are obstacles in my path So many in fact, it's hard to do the math!
   My heaven awaits for me in the infinite skies.  There I can soar where ever, there I can jump from cloud to cloud, and there I can free fall without worries of ever touching the ground.  That is my imaginable heaven.
When the world goes dry and the day grows coldyou can't turn to someone to open up your soulLike its when you crythe time flies by
Time progresses faster when we didn't notice Our legacies we being born but we swear we're focused Letting bills engulf our hearts like sticks and stones Call it World War 4 because World War 3 started when we were alone
Vivid imagery flutters my corrupted mind,I close my eyes and fall fast asleep to indulge in this tease,I see what I wish would happen while I was awake,
Friend   Grim figure beside My Death Bed   I don't fear you, come closer Why fear the inevitable? Why fear the fate of every living thing?   I knew my time
What ticks me off....society don't you see.
Our heart is tainted and our values are infected. We are fools to believe what we see with our eyes. It doesnt reflect how an indiviual's heart lyes.
When I Look at You by Savanna Morgan When I look at you I see a blind, incoherent fool Because aren't we all Do we not build up our own houses, then  due to no foundation we fall.
I used to be afraid of losing my eyesight. But now I’m afraid of losing my mind. The world is beyond crazy, I find. I turn around and see my life in hindsight, A shaded memory, a darkened twilight.
Ignorance is blindness,  and blindness is ignorance. We walk these hollow streets,  thinking we are fine, when truly we are walking on  an abhorrent line. Ignorance is blindness.
They say it is a gift to watch the sport of life play by play in perfect precision. Let them have twenty of twenty five of five. They ever so laissez faire.
" You have sad eyes. Beautiful, but sad.  Like you've seen too much."           "They are the only windows, no?"   Neji Freed Television raised me Lifted me high enough to see
My little younger sister, Was told when she was seven, That she wouldn't see so well, Maybe till she got to heaven.   She has a rare eye case, Rentinitis Pigementosa,
I do nothing but awkwardly glare at a man who cannot stare, as his rough fingers roam freely in this blind man’s attempt to see me.   His fingers trace my nose and I nervously curl my toes.
I feel the gazes All the sages in the world couldn't take away the problems The lie they tell Is only a part of the pie they say sell When we all fell We were told that it was what we were all sold into
The moon peers in, an uninvited guest Illuminating lids without consent. Although the sleeping child’s time is spent White light disrupts her dreams and steals her rest. The moon smirks smugly at his playful jest
The cave fish swim Round and round Going nowhere Blind in the dark   Most have no eyes But one fish sees Sees the blackness Feels the hopelessness   The fish with eyes
  How can I succeed  Or Believe Or Achieve  When oppression plagues me ?  Under wraps is the violence-  Beneath shadows they hide it :                        
January 2008 is a month I will never forget I woke up expecting another day at school To only have my vision suddenly change A curtain had been pulled over my face
The walls were painted, never mind the sightless eyes. Insignificant details passed up by vision that never was, is, or will be. The lamps were shaded,
Quizzical mindhushed and hiddenlie within the shadows. Everyone is prepping forthe live broadcast.The premieres set oncethe sun plants itselfon to the night sky Not gently woven--Plucked.
I dream of the glistening glare as I look up into the sun. I dream of the limber grass bending as I touch. I dream of my little boy making a homerun. Is this all too much? Yet, you still ask me if I could see
It’s only partial darkness, But it’s known the light isn’t complete. It was not always this way, although there was always a chance it could be It could be worse, but still it could be better.
The blind man with his white cane stops on a deserted street corner next to the post office. I try to imagine: a life of darkness, a perpetual fumbling for the light switch across a suddenly-expanded
Look away, Look away, That I may not see the hunger, the stricken, the pain; I would much rather stay In my world Having every thing I could ever want -- But always wanting more.
It hurts. Flash. Flash. White on a black background. They strike up like pale flashes of moonlight in the void of space. No stars. Tha-dump. Thudump. Tha-tha-dump.
Windows and eyes. Eyes and Windows. What are the differences between the two? I used to know the difference... But know it remains unknown. People would always used to say how someone blind would inevitibly be fooled.
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