Sunset Skies


Heavens flicker and take fire.

The Earth takes its final breath

Trembling, Stained, Defiled.

Dreams gained with certain loss

Eclipsing the Light of Life


Iron hands clench icy metal

Should oppressed revenge be taken?

They are all the same in mind and blood.

His reality numb and meaningless.

Death is their salvation.


Hope and thought is long forgotten

Since when was gold stained red?

He justifies his actions, no other

The loss in ruin, his path to power.

The wall of fear impassable.


Drowning on dry land

The blind end one another.

In hopes of soaring in the skies

First soaring through the sunset skies.

Skies that lead to darkness.


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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